If you like what I do on this blog and believe my skillset may fit in with your needs, why not hire me?

I’m an experienced content editor, having worked with a number of content management systems; a Spanish to English translator; and a creative writer.

I have a degree in Film and Literature from the British University of Warwick and a Master in Publishing from the Spanish University of Salamanca/Santillana Publishing Group.  I am a trained further education tutor with experience in teaching Spanish to adults.  I have undertaken numerous online and trainer-led courses on a wide variety of subjects, including Website Design, Writing for Impact, Time Management and the principles of Lean.

I am comfortable working remotely and have used secure upload and download tools for working on websites such as OpenOffice.org.  I am currently supporting the development of Andrew Regan’s Poblish.org project and have recently published an article proposing the creation of a virtual community of political self-study tools.

I recently spent three years using electronic documentation systems to access all kinds of information where I achieved an accuracy rating of more than 97 percent.

Examples of my work currently online include my blog 21stCenturyFix.org.uk; a publishing project I was involved in a couple of years ago at TheSmallPrint-book.com on behalf of my then employer and the British Heart Foundation; and a creative writing work-in-progress at abookandablog.com.  I am also developing a translation website for new and existing learners of Spanish.  This latter project can be found here.

I am open to all offers of work related to the above skillsets.  Please contact me in the first instance by emailing me on mil@pobox.com or, alternatively, you may leave me a voicemail on +44 (0)7906 310070.