Nov 072012

This isn’t democracy – it’s medieval kingmaking.

In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever had democracy as it could have been.  And they say Romney was so gracious in defeat.

Judge for yourselves.

I felt it was reasonably measured, even if coded in many things I – as a simple Brit looking aghast from afar – find it impossible to understand.

But what really disappoints me this evening as I cogitate is the following pair of statistics which flashed past my eyes this morning from somewhere: whilst Romney spent around $800 million on his campaign plus Super PAC money, Obama is said to have spent just under $1 billion.  That is to say, total spending in this single campaign for President of the United States was more than $2 billion.

Democracy – where not kingmaking – is a damn expensive business.

So money, in the end, won the race.  But was that the war or just the battle?  Does anything ever change?  Will the dangerously offbeam finally sit back on their heels and give in to the sensibilities of the majority?

Well.  Tonight, I also received an email from the Weekly Standard marketing newsletter.  The Weekly Standard is a very right-wing US publication.  For some reason, it’s been bombarding me with exhortations from the Romney camp to vote the right way all through the election.

I obviously neglected – once upon a time – to tick the right box when I signed up to something else.

The content of the email in question was titled thus:

Obama Won. The war continues.

And it proceeded thus:

 Fellow Conservative,

Last night, President Obama won reelection. This is a devastating blow. But we cannot allow it to be a decisive defeat.

Conservatives cannot give up now. We must reaffirm our resolve and renew our fight for conservative principles.

Heritage Action for America is an advocate and warrior for conservative principles in Washington and across the nation. We will not allow President Obama and his allies in Congress to get away with another four years of unbridled liberal policies.

We have a track record of holding lawmakers to account–which will be all the more important as liberals try to claim a mandate for their failed ideas.

Watch our video to find out how Heritage Action will fight the liberal agenda and work for future conservative victories »

The war will continue. Stand with us in this fight.

Thank you for all you do.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

Hardly the kind of language, instincts and impulses that are going to heal any civilisation too soon.

So this is why I say it’s a shame Obama did have to win.  It’s a shame not because of who he is: he seems, from the very outside looking in, a decent soul; intelligent like very few before him; a grandfatherly figure even as he is young and dynamic.

A gentle man where not a gentleman.

No.  It’s not Obama I find so very resistible but, rather, the process that tops such pyramidal structures of power with one or other of two impossibly responsible individuals.

It’s a shame that – in such modern times as these – we can devolve responsibilities for so very many things; we can create new communication tools and structures; we can design new ways of allowing communities to speak to each other; we can invent new processes and fashion new procedures … and yet, in politics, we are firmly anchored – even today – in medieval times of such foolish concentration.

Will it ever be so?  Will we never learn otherwise?

Is all-out war conducted on greasy poles the only discourse politics truly understands?