Jun 232012

I was unhappy about a previous Turing e-petition aimed at achieving an official pardon from the government.  I argued that Turing had done nothing which deserved a pardon; if anything, it was Turing’s estate which should reserve the right to decide whether to pardon the government.

So it was I refused to sign that petition.  But today, on the hundredth anniversary of Turing’s birth, and via the always precise Jack of Kent, comes another e-petition couched in the following terms:

Put Alan Turing on the next £10 note
Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

Alan Turing is a national hero. His contribution to computer science, and hence to the life of the nation and the world, is incalculable. The ripple-effect of his theories on modern life continues to grow, and may never stop.

The current Bank of England £10 notes are Series E, but Series F notes are already in circulation for some denominations. We therefore call upon the Treasury to request the Bank of England to consider depicting Alan Turing when Series F £10 banknotes are designed.

I’ve already signed this e-petition; I sincerely hope you can find yourself able to do the same.

Turing was a bastion against fascist attitudes and behaviours, both during and after the war.

He deserves our appreciation – as well as our never-ending affection.


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  1. One of the greatest English men in history. No. One of the greatest men in history.

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