Dec 212011

Yep.  Quite appropriate.  As I stumble across phantoms of the past, even where good phantoms I do declare, the location of Blogger’s new “Publish” button accidentally generates an untitled post which I am obliged to delete.

Apologies for that.

But, as I say, it is one more example where the corporate drive to unify user interfaces means mature companies make decisions which aim to satisfy their corporate chiefs more than their soon-suffering customers.

Google got to where it got through simplicity and clarity of mission.

Putting the “Publish” button on blogging software at the right of the title bar is, however, madness in any world – and more in such a competitive one.


The phantoms I speak of?  A dear friend of the family.  I was at the local hospital this morning with my father-in-law.  It seems the health service hasn’t been keeping tabs on his developing conditions, and now problems are seriously sprouting in all directions.

But whilst we were waiting for the tests to take place, I went over to a nearby noticeboard and saw an amazing poster.  Yesterday, in the city I find myself, a dear friend of twenty years ago had given a speech on behalf of a cause he is apparently the president of.

I had lost contact with him for many years as the vicissitudes of my life had taken me away from the place and circumstances of our first meeting and developing relationship.

And whilst my dear father-in-law is but a shadow of his former self, my dear friend from twenty years ago appears to be still going strong.

A man who believed in modernisation, democracy and freedom of speech.  A man who was able – in a way I was not – to work within a system, and yet (even so) to most positive result.

I owe him so much, as the friend that he was – as well as the professional who brought my three children into this world.

I have sent an email to his foundation – I hope he will want to get back in touch.

I may keep you posted.


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