Day: February 3, 2009

This is contextualising

I was going to say depressing – but who’d want to read a post titled “This is depressing”? More here, from New Scientist today, on pictures with numbers that tell their own story.

A Two-Horse Race As We Reach The 900th

Definitely unclassifiable. As we reach the 900th post on, it’s become a two-horse race. The other day, Brian kindly added my blog to Facebook’s blog network application. It would appear however that a couple of people out there have…

Are we on the left afraid of beauty?

An interesting piece from Laurie Penny, writing in Liberal Conspiracy: I have met Stella Creasy, Labour’s PPC for Walthamstow, and I respect her as a politician and as a feminist, the context of our second meeting having been the Abortion…