Oct 212008

No Brown bounce. Gratitude, for sure. We need him to get on with the job. But we feel the future lies elsewhere. That’s the psychology behind the results of the latest ICM opinion poll for the Guardian out today (full results in .pdf format here).

The Churchill effect, in fact.

So the question comes to mind: if Labour lost the next election under Brown’s tutelage, would it necessarily imply our disposing of him as Leader of the Party? If Churchill was able to make a comeback, why not Brown? Or do we live in such consumer-infused times as to make modern politicians eminently, readily and inevitably disposable, whatever their qualities or intellectual stature?

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  2 Responses to “The Churchill Effect”

  1. WOW! More than two major parties!! Image that! How progressive! Hey America! Maybe if you stop, look and listen you might learn something…

  2. Yes, indeed. However, share of the popular vote is one thing. The actual election results are quite another. Some kind of proportional representation system perhaps? Now that would change both our countries.

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